Flashback Friday to when Queen Elizabth II visited Carlsberg in Copenhagen

She’s a busy young sovereign with a packed schedule of royal engagement to attend. But on this day 63 years ago, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II took time out of her hectic timetable to visit the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

It was the first time ever a British reigning monarch came to visit our brewery. The brewery, its workers and the wider public were buzzing with excitement, and many Danes even paid £4 (equivalent to approx. 80 pounds today) to get a glimpse of the Queen on her way to Carlsberg.

No details were left unattended in preparation for the royal visit, even the lift indicator lights were covered up. Why? Well, it’s actually quite a funny story. Whenever the lift would be in operation, an ‘I fart’ sign (meaning ‘in service’ in Danish) would be on. In most other instances, the Danes would probably have found it rather amusing to observe an English-speaker’s reaction to this. However, on this occasion, the staff thought it best to cover it up - probably a good call if you ask us.

Scroll down for images of the visit.

The royal cipher in an unusual setting at the brewery in Copenhagen. Nearly 5000 gold-topped bottles arranged to form the royal cipher E.R.I.I.

Queen Elizabeth II signs the Carlsberg guest book

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrive at Carlsberg in Copenhagen

Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation Professor Børge Jessen greets Her Majesty the Queen

Queen Elizabeth greeting the shop steward after he has held a speech in her honor