“NOLO” – no and low alcohol drinks are top tipple amongst consumers

Nielsen Scantrack data to 21 March 2020 reveal “nolo” drinks continue to gain popularity amongst consumers with alcohol-free beer (AFB) sales surged by 33% year on year for the previous 4 weeks.

We have long embraced the growing trend and have a pretty tasty alcohol-free lager line up (in case you were wondering). Read on if you want to get to know them – or even better find them in your local store and make up your own mind.


Carlsberg Nordic has been specifically brewed as an alcohol-free beer, meaning it delivers the same refreshment that drinkers expect from regular beer, with a crisp hoppy bite…just without the alcohol. With many not willing to compromise on taste, the crispy hoppy bite of the Carlsberg Nordic is the perfect alcohol-free beer. It’s everything we Danes expect from a beer.


San Miguel 0,0 is a pilsner-style alcohol-free lager from Spain. Like regular lager, it's smooth, moves with great balance and leaves a very pleasant bitterness at the end. Appreciable but moderate aromas of herbs and hop flowers with hints of grain and cereal. The texture is agreeable, with a sensation of light but balanced body.


Last but not least, the legendary Brooklyn Special Effects leaves you questioning whether you are actually drinking alcohol-free beer. Special Effects is a hoppy lager with an unexpected piney aroma and pleasantly bitter finish. The beer gets its bready sweetness from a blend of pale caramel, and dark roasted Munich malts, and its surprising nose from dry-hopping with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops - a technique rarely used in alcohol-free brewing. It tastes just like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it's not.