Cellar technology

DraughtMaster - A revolutionary new way to deliver draught beer that stays fresh from brewery to glass

This innovative draught beer system keeps beer sealed-in and untouched from the brewery to the moment it comes out of the tap. This means the beer stays fresh 6x longer. The compact DraughtMaster system uses compression rather than CO2 to keep beer fresh for longer, reduce wastage and improve the profitability of your business.

Here's why you'd want DraughtMaster installed in your pub:

  • FRESH BEER FOR LONGER. With DraughtMaster, the beer stays fresh for over a month
  • KEEPS YOUR PROFITS FLOWING. Recent research in Denmark shows that DraughtMaster customers have seen an 8% increase in sales
  • GIVES YOUR MORE SPACE. The lightweight kegs are compact and stackable. No CO2


The Carlsberg Quality Dispense System provides a fully enclosed environment from keg to glass, ensuring that you get the perfect pint every time, with average savings of £3,500 per outlet per year.

Whilst the system continues to use standard kegs, the consistent dispense temperature reduces your wastage and extends line cleaning from weekly to every 4 weeks. This next generation system provides a number of benefits over the traditional set-up, including reduced cost, water usage and complexity.

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