A revolutionary new way to deliver draught beer that stays fresher for longer

The innovation DraughtMaster beer system keeps beer sealed-in and untouched from the brewery to the moment it comes out of the tap. This means the beer stays fresh 6x longer. The compact DraughtMaster system uses compression rather than CO2 to keep beer fresh for longer, reduce wastage and improve profitability of your business.

The market has changed. The system hasn't.

For 50 years, draught beer has been delivered in steel kegs, which only keep beer fresh for around 7 days. Clearly, this makes offering choice, without the risk of beer going to waste, a tricky proposition. Time for some fresh thinking?

How it works


Compressed air is pumped into the pressure chamber.

By not adding CO2, your costs are reduced, there is less maintenance and nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it pure.


The keg is squeezed and fresh beer is pressed out.

DraughtMaster's closed system increases freshness from under a week to over a month when compared with steel kegs.


Beer is pushed through the tap to create the perfect beer.

With flexible, semi-automatic line cleaning and one-way kegs, DraughtMaster keeps the beer fresh and your life simple.


What can DraughtMaster do for you?

Lasting quality

Lasting quality

With DraughtMaster, the beer stays fresh for over a month.

Better returns

Better returns

With less chance of beer going to waste, you can offer a greater variety of beers - and refresh your returns too.

More beer, more space, more time

More beer, more space, more time

Our lighter kegs are compact and stackable and free up time that's usually spent cleaning lines and managing CO2 levels.

Greater variety

Greater variety

With DraughtMaster you can broaden your beer portfolio to offer a whole new raft of draughts, including Craft, Speciality, Premium or Seasonal varieties.