Poretti / Admiral Taverns Incentive 2024

Privacy Notice & Terms and Conditions


  1. This promotion is operated and administered by Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company Limited (company number 00078439) (the Promoter). Any personal data that you provide when participating in this promotion will be held by the Promoter and used for the purposes of administering the promotion, selecting the winner(s) and fulfilling and delivering the prize(s) in accordance with the terms and conditions relating to the promotion below (Terms and Conditions).


  1. The Terms and Conditions are the legal basis for the Promoter's processing. If you do not provide your personal data, the Promoter cannot process your entry, enter you into the promotion, notify you if you have won a prize, or fulfil your prize. If your guest does not provide their personal data, then the Promoter cannot include them in your prize.


  1. If you win a prize, then the Promoter will make your name and county available, as a winner, on the Promoter's website and/or to people requesting that information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, in line with the Promoter's responsibilities under the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing. If you do not want your name made available, please inform us using the contact details in paragraph 7 (but please note the Promoter may still share this information with the Advertising Standards Authority if required to do so).


  1. If you are not successful in winning a prize, the Promoter will delete the personal data you have shared when participating in this promotion promptly after the prizes) have been awarded and distributed. If you are successful (or you are the guest of a winner), then the Promoter will not keep your personal data for any longer than it needs to, either to comply with the law or to fulfil its obligations to you and other third parties. The Promoter will however continue to process any personal data it already holds about you in connection with any existing contract between you and the Promoter for the supply of goods. Such personal data will be processed by the Promoter in accordance with its Privacy Notification, which is available here:


  1. The Promoter will not disclose or share your personal data (or, if you win, the personal data of your guest) with any third party other than those who are engaged by the Promoter to administer the competition and fulfil the prize(s). Your personal data (and, if you win, the personal data of your guest) may be sent to countries outside of the European Economic Area where the Promoter's (or its third parties') processing equipment is located in another country or where fulfilment of the prize happens in another country, but the Promoter will ensure that any transfer happens in accordance with applicable law.


  1. Entrants (and winners’ guests) have various rights regarding their personal data which the Promoter holds about them:
    1. a right to request a copy of that data;
    2. a right to require that the Promoter erases your data (but note that this will automatically remove your entry from the promotion and, if you are a winner or a winner’s guest, will mean that you cannot receive or take up a prize);
    3. a right to amend your data; and
    4. the right to ask us to port (transfer) your data directly to you or another organisation.


  1. To exercise any of these rights, please email [email protected]. You will need to make your request in writing, specifying the action that you want the Promoter to take and enclose proof of your identity.


  1. If you believe that the Promoter is not treating your personal data in accordance with the law, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. You can find more details at their website


  1. For more information about the Promoter’s treatment of your personal data, please consult its Privacy Notification, which is available here:




  1. This incentive promotion is open to all tenants of licensed premises within the Admiral Taverns Limited “Leased and Tenanted Estate” in England, Wales and Scotland (Entrants).


  1. The Promoter may remove entries and forfeit applicable prizes where an Entrant is not permitted to participate in the promotion. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Entrants and may require such information as it considers reasonably necessary for this purpose. A prize may be withheld until the Promoter is satisfied with the verification.


How to Enter

  1. This promotion starts at 00:00 on 1st November 2023 and ends at 23:59 on 15th March 2024 (Closing Date).


  1. To qualify for entry into this promotion, Entrants must be stocking and serving Birrificio Angelo Poretti in draught format (Product) at their licensed premises OR must have requested that the Product is installed at their licensed premises and have placed their first order for the Product by the Closing Date.


  1. Entrants who are not stocking the Product on commencement of this promotion (Non-Stocking Entrants) may enter this promotion by:
    1. submitting a Request for Work to install the Product at their licensed premises to their Admiral Taverns Business Development Manager by no later than 8th March 2024; and
    2. placing their first order for the Product by no later than 15th March 2024.


  1. Non-Stocking Entrants who have complied with paragraph 5 above by the Closing Date will be automatically entered into the Prize Draw (as defined below). Entrants who are already stocking and serving the Product according to the Promoter’s stockist records at the Closing Date will also be automatically entered into the Prize Draw.


  1. All orders for the Product placed by Non-Stocking Entrants in accordance with paragraph 5(b) must have been received by the Promoter by the Closing Date to qualify for entry. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for entries or orders that are delayed, corrupted or not completed or received by the Closing Date for any reason. Proof of orders being submitted shall not be deemed to be proof of receipt of an entry.


  1. There is a maximum of one entry per Entrant for the duration of the promotion.


  1. Any instructions provided at the point of entry form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of a conflict, these Terms and Conditions take precedence.


  1. Entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions will be invalid.



  1. All Entrants who have complied with the entry requirements set out at paragraphs 4-7 above will be entered into a random prize draw (Prize Draw) to win a 2-night holiday to Milan, Italy for the winner and one guest (both of whom must be aged 18 years or older) (Prize).


  1. There is a minimum of one Prize available to be won. For every 15 entries received from Non-Stocking Entrants by the Closing Date, the Promoter will add one additional Prize to the pool of Prizes available to be won up to a maximum of five Prizes in total.


  1. The Prize includes the following:
    1. pre-booked return flights from the UK to Milan, Italy in standard economy class (inclusive of taxes and up to one-piece of cabin baggage if and to the extent permitted by the airline without additional charges as part of an economy class ticket). No additional baggage is included. There is no flight alternative. The winner and their guest must travel together on the same flight. The Promoter will use reasonable endeavours to book flights from the winner’s preferred UK airport, but the Promoter can provide no guarantee that it can accommodate the winner’s preference due to flight availability. The Promoter further reserves the right to require all winners to travel from and return to the same UK airport where circumstances make this necessary, but where this happens the Promoter will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the airport chosen is as central to the location of all winners as possible;
    2. airport transfers in Milan, Italy;
    3. hotel accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis at a hotel allocated by the Promoter for 2 nights, with the winner and their guest sharing a twin room or equivalent; and
    4. 2 x Italian activities / experiences local to the destination, with travel and refreshments included where applicable (Experiences). Experiences are subject to local availability and may be substituted for equivalent activities / experiences should circumstances make this necessary. Winners acknowledge that Experiences are not private and will be carried out in groups. Details of Experiences and any terms and conditions which apply to them will be provided to the winner(s) and their guest(s) prior the Travel Date (as defined below).


  1. The Prize(s) must be taken on a date in June 2024 to be confirmed by the Promoter as soon as practicable after the winner(s) have been drawn (Travel Date). Once fixed and notified to the winner(s) by the Promoter, the Travel Date will not be altered or amended save for in exceptional circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control. To redeem the Prize, the winner(s) and their guest(s) must be available to travel on the Travel Date.


  1. All elements of the Prize must be taken over the same 2-nights. The Promoter will not be liable to pay any sums in excess of the Prize value which arise as a result of any associated travel delays or cancellations.


  1. The Promoter will arrange and manage all travel, accommodation and Experiences in relation to the Prize through its appointed agent. The winner(s) and their guest(s) must provide all reasonable assistance and necessary documentation / information to the Promoter or its agent for such purposes. A valid credit or debit card may be required as a security deposit when checking into accommodation.


  1. The winner(s) and their guest(s) must provide their own travel insurance and supply proof of insurance to the Promoter or its agent upon request.


  1. The winner(s) and their guest(s) must legally be able to depart from the UK, travel to Milan, Italy and re-enter the UK and will be responsible for obtaining all necessary visas and other documentation required for these purposes. Valid passports for the winner(s) and their guest(s) will also be required.


  1. Use of the Prize is subject to any government mandates, restrictions or guidance in respect of COVID-19 or any other public health emergency, together with any airline(s) regulations and policies, that are in force during the selected dates of travel (Government Requirements). The winner(s) and their guest(s) must ensure that they are aware of all Government Requirements which apply in the UK and Milan, Italy and in relation to any airline(s) with whom the winner(s) and their guest(s) will travel, and are solely responsible for ensuring that they can both comply with the same. The Promoter will not be liable to the winner(s) or their guest(s) if the Prize cannot be taken up due to their failure to observe any Government Requirements.


  1. In the event that Government Requirements prohibit the Prize from being fulfilled on the Travel Date through no fault of the winner(s) or their guest(s), the Travel Date will be re-arranged for an alternative date no later than 12 months from the original Travel Date.


  1. The winner(s) and their guest(s) will also be required to bring and carry valid photographic identification to the Experiences to prove that they are the designated Prize holders and confirm they are both aged 18 years or older. Failure to produce valid identification at the request of the relevant Experience staff members may result in participation in the Experiences being refused. The Promoter will not be responsible for refusal of participation resulting from any failure of the winner(s) or their guest(s) to comply with this paragraph.


  1. A maximum of one prize may be won per Entrant.


  1. The Promoter will accept no liability for any aspect of the Prize being withdrawn or amended by third party suppliers.


  1. Unless otherwise stated, any expenses incurred by the winner(s) or their guest(s) with regard to the general use and/or enjoyment of a Prize, are the sole responsibility of the winner(s) and their guest(s).


  1. Any further Prize details will be confirmed when the winner(s) are contacted.


  1. The Prize is non-transferable and no cash or other alternative will be offered.


Winner Selection and Notification

  1. All valid entries received by the Closing Date will be entered into the Prize Draw, which will take place on 29th March 2024.


  1. The number of winners will be equal to the number of Prizes available at the Closing Date. The winner(s) will be the first entry(ies) drawn at random from all valid entries by an independent computer process that produces verifiably random results after the Closing Date and will be contacted by the Promoter by no later than 5th April 2024 using the contact details held by the Promoter which are registered under the winner(s)’s trading account with the Promoter.


  1. To claim a Prize, the winner(s) must confirm to the Promoter that they wish to accept the Prize within seven days of being notified they have won. Once confirmed, the Promoter will request from the winner all information necessary to enable the Promoter to book and fulfil the Prize(s) (including the full names, addresses and passport numbers of the winner(s) and their guest(s) and the winner(s)’s preferred airport location (Passenger Information)), which must be provided by the winner(s) within seven days of request.


  1. The winner(s) and their guest(s) must be aged 18 years or older. The winner(s) must provide to the Promoter on request a copy of their and their guest’s identification to confirm that they are over 18 before a Prize is awarded. If such identification shows that the winner is under 18 years old, the winner will be disqualified and a replacement winner will be drawn at the Promoter’s sole discretion. If such identification shows that the winner’s guest is under 18 years old, the winner will be asked to nominate a replacement guest. Valid identification must be provided to the Promoter within seven days of request.


  1. The Prize will be forfeited and a replacement winner, drawn at the same time, at the Promoter’s sole discretion, in the following events:
    1. the winner does not claim the Prize as required by paragraph 29 above within seven days of being notified they have won;
    2. the winner fails to provide Passenger Information or copies of valid identification for the winner(s) and their guest(s) within seven days of the Promoter’s request;
    3. the winner is disqualified under these Terms and Conditions; or
    4. the winner is unable to take up the Prize on the Travel Date.


These Terms and Conditions will apply to any replacement winner and their guest.



  1. The Promoter will not be responsible for any inability of the winner(s) or their guest(s) to take up a Prize.


  1. If an Entrant wishes to amend its contact details held by the Promoter, it should contact the Promoter on [email protected]. For information on how the Promoter and its agency handles personal data (including the personal data of the Attendees), please refer to the Privacy Policy above.


  1. To obtain details of the winning Entrant(s), please contact [email protected] within three months of the Closing Date.


  1. The Promoter reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend this promotion and / or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving prior notice and, by continuing to take part in the promotion subsequent to any revision, Entrants shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended terms.


  1. The Promoter may disqualify entries deemed to be non-compliant with these Terms and Conditions or if it has any reason to believe that efforts have been made to distort the competitive process or spirit of the promotion. The Promoter’s decision as to any aspect of this promotion is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


  1. By entering this promotion, each Entrant hereby warrants that all information submitted about them and (if they are a winner) their guest is true, current and complete.


  1. Entry into this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


  1. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.


  1. This promotion and all issues arising out of it shall be governed in accordance with English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, save only that consumers who are residents of Scotland may additionally or alternatively bring an action in their home courts.


Promoter: Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company Limited, Marston’s House, Wolverhampton, WV1 4JT.


Please drink responsibly.