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at Carlsberg Marston's Brewing Company

We look back to move forward

Our founders believed in quality, research, and serving the community. They looked to the future, prizing long-term growth over short-term gain.

Over the years, these shared values have evolved to our purpose: that we are brewing for a better today and tomorrow.

Imagination and fresh thinking are in our DNA. We won't rest on past inventions; we'll strive to do more for the world, and do it responsibly.

At Carlsberg Marston's Brewing Company (CMBC), we are making a difference. Diverse people with diverse skills, working together and at speed. Navigating changes in society, technology and consumer preference.

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Our people - obsessed!

CMBC is a new company, fuelled by highly engaged and passionate employees who will go above and beyond to deliver best in class customer service and help grow our portfolio of brands and business. These employees take personal accountability and initiative to act and find solutions. At CMBC, employees work hard and have fun, enjoying supportive relationships that extend across the whole business.

→ Sounds like you? Join us join us on our journey to become the best beer business in the UK