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The safety of our people is our top priority. Employee health and safety needs to become part of our DNA. We are taking firm action to create a ZERO Accidents Culture by 2030.  

By reducing our accident rate year-on-year, we'll achieve ZERO lost-time accidents at all our locations, everywhere. That’s the way it should be!




  • ZERO lost-time accidents

What does a zero accidents culture look like?

All employees live by our safety rules, eliminating risks and preventing accidents. They do the simple things like holding the handrails on stairs and wearing personal protective equipment in our breweries and labs. They respect the separation of pedestrian and forklift pathways and apply life-savings rules like lock/out/ tag/out during machine maintenance.

They also look out for each other. If someone notices a colleague is at risk, he or she does not hesitate to intervene and highlight the potential danger. We also complement each other on positive behaviour.

That’s the kind of culture we’re aiming for.

Actions towards ZERO

Stopping accidents before they happen

No, our health and safety team aren’t psychics. But with the help of a new app, they can prevent hazards from becoming accidents.

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