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To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to limit global warming to below 2°C, aiming for 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. That is why we have set science-based targets to the 1.5°C level, aiming for zero emissions from our brewery by 2030, and a 30% reduction
in our beer-in-hand carbon footprint – our entire value chain.  

→ Read about our progress in our CMBC 2021 Sustainability Report





  • ZERO carbon emissions at our breweries
  • 30% reduction in beer-in-hand carbon footprint
  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions at our breweries
  • 100% electricity from renewable sources at our breweries
  • ZERO coal at our breweries
  • 15% reduction in beer-in-hand carbon footprint
  • 100% low climate impact cooling
  • 30 partnerships to reduce shared carbon footprint

Actions towards ZERO

A better beer bottle

Probably the best beer in the world deserves nothing less than the best bottle! So when we launched the new perfectly balanced Carlsberg Danish Pilsner in March 2019, we worked closely with our glass suppliers to develop a bottle to be proud of. It’s 10g lighter than the one it replaced. In just the first year this saved over 134 tonnes of glass across the Carlsberg portfolio!

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