Our brews bring people together to enjoy great experiences, and we want to ensure that they are always enjoyed responsibly. 

Our vision for a better tomorrow is a society without irresponsible drinking. No drinking and driving. No underage drinking. Just moderate consumption and enjoyment.

In this area, we work to enable, inform and encourage responsible choices, by improving availability of great-tasting alcohol-free beers, increasing access to information and collaborating across the industry to promote responsible drinking.

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  • 100% of our markets improve on responsible drinking year on year
  • 100% availability of alcohol-free brews (AFB)
  • 100% responsible drinking messaging through packaging and brand activations
  • 100% of our markets run partnerships to support responsible consumption

Actions towards ZERO

The alcohol-free revolution

We’re committed to improving accessibility of great-tasting alcohol-free beers that don’t compromise on quality or taste. Now, with Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects available on tap, consumers won’t compromise on experience either.

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