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Case studies

That show the impact our work has on our company-wide ambitions and targets

A better beer bottle

Probably the best beer in the world deserves nothing less than the best bottle! So when we launched the new perfectly balanced Carlsberg Danish Pilsner in March 2019, we worked closely with our glass suppliers to develop a bottle to be proud of. It’s 10g lighter than the one it replaced. In just the first year this saved over 134 tonnes of glass across the Carlsberg portfolio!

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The alcohol-free revolution

We’re committed to improving accessibility of great-tasting alcohol-free beers that don’t compromise on quality or taste. Now, with Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects available on tap, consumers won’t compromise on experience either.

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Stopping accidents before they happen

No, our health and safety team aren’t psychics. But with the help of a new app, they can prevent hazards from becoming accidents.

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Pints without the packaging

Another reason to support your local pub – beer on draught is the lowest carbon packaging format you can find. And some of our kegs have been going between pubs and our packaging line since the brewery was built in the 70s, delivering freshly brewed beer to consumers across the country.

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Proud to be clear

We believe our consumers have a right to know what’s in our beers and we’re proud to show them. That’s why we’re going beyond policy and requirements to include the nutritional information, ingredients and responsible drinking messaging in the easiest place to find it – on our packaging.

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No alcohol, no compromise

When San Miguel partnered with the Classic Ibiza series of events, set at stately homes across the country, they knew there’d be a few designated drivers missing out on a refreshing pint of San Miguel. In partnership with DrinkAware, they rewarded thousands of designated drivers with a free San Miguel 0,0 – all the flavour, freshness and quality of beer, but without the alcohol.

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Spent, but valuable

We hate waste, and aim to make the most of everything that comes out of our brewery. That’s why we send our used yeast to Unilever, the makers of Marmite.

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Carlsberg Young Scientists Community

Reaching our ZERO targets will not be an easy task. And many of the solutions for eliminating carbon and waste water at our breweries do not yet exist. That's why in the Carlsberg laboratory in Copenhagen, the Young Scientists Community - some of the world’s brightest postdoctoral researchers - is tasked with identifying new methods and technologies to meet our targets. 

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