Carsberg 008

Making deliveries electric

In 2022, CMBC introduced our first two fully electric HGV trucks to our logistics fleet – the largest in the UK operated by a brewer.

The new fully electric Renault Trucks, powered by electricity from renewable sources, are capable of delivering over 10,000 pints of beer per day to pubs.  Ideal for urban distribution, including routes into London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, the trucks will deliver freshly brewed beer to pubs on a daily basis, operating out of our Cardiff and Thurrock (Essex) distribution depots.

The move to two, fully electric vehicles will replace up to around 19,000 diesel-fuelled road miles per vehicle per year. The partnership with Renault Trucks is a proof-of-concept trial and, if successful, has potential to see additional electric trucks introduced into our existing fleet of 270 traditional vehicles in the future.

For drivers, the cleaner, quieter electric engines reduce noise and vibrations in the cab for a more comfortable working environment.  And as the vehicles are almost silent, they reduce road noise in urban areas and can therefore be used during unconventional hours.