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It is estimated that within 25 years, demand for water in the UK will outstrip supply. We are determined to use the minimum amount of water throughout the brewing process, and to make the most of every drop.

We aim to halve water use per hl of beer produced by 2030, to use just 1.7 hl/hl, eliminating water waste.

→ Read about our progress in our CMBC 2021 Sustainability Report





  • 50% reduction in water usage at our breweries
  • Partner to safeguard shared water resources in high-risk areas
  • 25% reduction in water usage at our breweries
  • Explore going below 2.0 HL/HL at all high-risk breweries

Actions towards ZERO

Our young scientists are on it

Reaching our ZERO targets will not be an easy task. And many of the solutions for eliminating carbon and waste water at our breweries do not yet exist. That's why in the Carlsberg laboratory in Copenhagen, the Young Scientists Community - some of the world’s brightest postdoctoral researchers - is tasked with identifying new methods and technologies to meet our targets. 

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