J.C. Jacobsen founds the Carlsberg Brewery on a hill outside of Copenhagen, Denmark


Carlsberg beer lands on British shores for the first time


J.C. Jacobsen founds the Carlsberg Laboratory


Carlsberg Foundation is established to manage the Carlsberg Laboratory

Carlsberg Heritage Emil Hansen Color 2880X1800


Professor Emil Christian Hansen revolutionises brewing by developing a method of cultivating pure yeast at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen

1909: The pH scale is invented at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen

In 1909, S.P.L. Sørensen developed the pH scale - a method for specifying the level of acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale from 0-14.

With the invention of the pH scale, Carlsberg could ensure high quality of every beer. The applications of the pH scale have since been countless throughout all fields. 


Brewing starts at the new Carlsberg brewery in Northampton. Inspired by a Danish longship, the building is the vision of Danish architect Knud Munk, for which he receives the prestigious Financial Times’ Industrial Architecture Prize.

Brewery Construction


Carlsberg's iconic tagline 'Probably the best beer in the world' is created


Carlsberg and Allied-Lyons – owners of Tetley’s ale – merge


Carlsberg Group assumes total ownership of Carlsberg-Tetley

2008: Announcement of the closure of Tetley Brewery in Leeds, to take place in 2011

In 2008, during a time of global recession and tough market conditions, Carlsberg announces the closure of Tetley Brewery in Leeds, to take place in 2011. Carlsberg would continue to brew Tetley's range of beers which are emblematic of the north of England.

But that wasn't the end of the story for the original Tetley's Brewery. It was the start of a new chapter as today it is home of The Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art and Learning. It is also home to the brewery's archives which spans almost 200 years, including fascinating vintage advertising and photographs, as well as commemorative beers brewed for royalty and special occasions.

2 People Eating And Drinking San Miguel


San Miguel joins an exclusive group of beer brands as it hits 1m hL in a single year for the first time


Carlsberg launches new sustainable packaging innovation Snap Pack on 6 x 330ml Carlsberg Expørt, replacing traditional, bulky plastic rings with a pioneering solution that instead bonds packs of multiple cans together



Rebrewed from Head to Hops - Carlsberg Danish Pilsner launches

Carlsberg Bottle with Hops _hi-res.jpg