Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company supports beer and pubs through the Long Live The Local campaign

There’s something special about the feeling you get when you walk into a pub for the first time.

The great British pub. To some, it’s a place to make new friends, or meet with old ones. To others, it’s the place where they met that special someone.

Pubs play host to weddings and birthdays, engagements and anniversary celebrations, overdue reunions, countless lunches, and a place for friends, families and neighbours to gather.

It can be occasions over a pint and peanuts, a Sunday roast with all the trimmings, or just a cuppa.

Open to all, they are at the heart of communities and I’d bet that every one of you reading this will know someone who has celebrated a special moment in a pub.

More than meetings and occasions, pubs and beer are central to our economy; they contribute extensively in taxes, create jobs and act as social hubs.

Despite this demonstrated value, pubs and breweries are under threat from a range of pressures. Between 2010 and 2019, 8,200 pubs in the UK closed* and due to Covid last year, this was accelerated with 2,360 pubs shutting for good**.

We should not take pubs for granted, and that’s why we have thrown our support behind the relaunch of the Long Live The Local campaign to help pubs and breweries survive and hopefully, thrive.

This latest campaign is urging the Government to invest in Britain’s pubs and breweries through the reform of the unfair tax burden on our sector. Beer duty in Britain is three times the EU average and today, one in every three pounds spent in pubs goes to the taxman, which of course has a noticeable knock-on effect.

Specifically, through the campaign we’re asking the Government for:

  1. A permanent lower level of VAT for all food and beverages sold in pubs
  2. An overall reduction in Beer Duty 
  3. Lower business rates for pubs equitable to other similar businesses 

In return, sector growth creates stronger and more connected communities, local investment, and jobs – and ultimately a thriving industry to be proud of.

If you’re keen, you can help too – by taking 1 minute to sign the petition for pubs and breweries and send an email to your local MP you are helping to keep pubs open. Our industry would really appreciate it.

Andrew Roache
Head of Corporate Affairs

Andrew is Head of Corporate Affairs at Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company with responsibility for PR, internal communications, public affairs and sustainability. Prior to this, he led communications for pub and restaurant business, Mitchells & Butlers plc and also worked for leading PR and communications agencies advising clients including Microsoft, Expedia and Xbox.

* BBPA Stats Handbook 2020
** CGA Outlet Index March 2020-May 2021