Fruity Alkoholfrei wheat beer from ERDINGER Weissbräu bursts into the UK

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit offers fruity-fresh enjoyment with a twist.

Bavarian wheat beer specialist ERDINGER Weissbräu is enhancing its alcohol-free range in the UK with the addition of a refreshing grapefruit alternative alongside the established ERDINGER Alkoholfrei. A combination of traditional wheat beer and grapefruit juice, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit will launch online through specialist beer retailer and, from 9th September, will be available in selected ASDA stores.

The slightly bitter wheat beer flavoured with grapefruit juice is made of natural ingredients and gives a refreshingly tangy taste that matches the intensive aromas of freshly cut grapefruit with subtle malt notes in the background. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit is a natural, bright pink colour with a little cloudiness and a delicately rosé-tinted head. It has full-bodied freshness, gentle carbonation and the finish is dominated by bitter-sweet grapefruit aromas.

Peter Gowans, Country Manager for ERDINGER Weissbräu, commented “ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is the #6 NAB in volume in the off-trade and has an established presence as a thirst-quenching alternative for those who make conscious decisions to cut their alcohol consumption but still appreciate a tasty beer. The new ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit gives an extra dimension that appeals to anyone who wants a twist to their beer through the tangy taste of grapefruit juice. In the same way that the original ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is known for its isotonic properties, with particular benefit to help quench thirst faster after exercise, so we expect the grapefruit mix to be enjoyed post workout as well as after a day at work or just relaxing on a warm summer evening.”

The beer is isotonic, has only 25 calories per 100ml and contains vitamins B9, B12 and C which promote the normal functioning of the body’s immune system. A varied and balanced diet is important for everyone and, as ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit contains all-natural ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives, it offers a refreshing choice of beer that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Grapefruit is a distinctive fusion” added Peter Gowans “made from 50% ERDINGER Alkoholfrei wheat beer and 50% a refreshing grapefruit juice drink. Best served chilled, it can be drunk straight from the bottle so it is easy to enjoy wherever you are and whether you are relaxing or on the move. With the continued interest in alcohol-free drinks we are passionate about bringing an exciting and enjoyable new product to the UK market, underpinned by the reputation, quality and reliability of ERDINGER, the largest family-owned wheat beer brewery.”

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