New Marston’s Brewery homebrew challenge celebrates passion for brewing

Homebrewers up and down the country are invited to submit their recipes and have it tasted and judged by an expert panel.

While many things have changed this year, our passion for brewing great beers has not. At Marston’s Brewery we have a long tradition of bringing together people who shares our passion for beer making.

For a couple of year now, homebrewers have met up in our Burton brewery to experiment with new styles and flavours, tap into the expert knowledge of our brewers or even sampling a couple of experimental beers that are being trialled as potential new product development for Marston’s Brewery. It’s always been a safe, enjoyable space to get good, constructive feedback, not only from our brewers but also from fellow homebrewers.

We would love nothing more than to continue these meetups, but the current situation makes is rather difficult to open up the doors to our brewery. However, we feel that the sense of community we’ve built up through the years is definitely something that’s worth cherishing. Spearheaded by marketing manager Kirsty Polmeer, the team at Marston’s Brewery has therefore launched their first ever homebrew competition – as a way to share our passion for brewing with others who are on the same journey.

We’re inviting homebrewers up and down the country to submit their recipes and have it tasted and judged by an exceptional panel of knowledgeable experts – including Marston’s Brewery Head Brewer Pat McGinty, author and beer lover Pete Brown, beer blogger and educator Tim Jones (BeerYeti), and Emma inch, the award-winning beer writer and producer of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio.

The winner will be given the rare opportunity to come into the brewery in Burton Upon Trent to brew their recipe – with support of our experienced brewers. But that’s not all! The beer will be available in our Burton Brewery store as an Easter special. The winner will be revealed at a virtual event in February and will also receive a gift voucher of £500 from Balliihoo Home Brew.

To enter the Marston’s Brewery Homebrew Challenge, entrants must be over 18 and they can apply online. Recipes must be received by 21 December.