New campaign celebrates Carlsberg Expørt's favoured taste over other premium lagers

Carlsberg UK brings a drop of Danish modesty to its newest campaign to tell consumers about Carlsberg Expørt’s preferred taste.

Following a year which saw the brewer invest in the relaunch of its flagship Carlsberg Danish Pilsner with the bold admission that its old brew wasn’t ‘Probably the Best Beer in the World’, Carlsberg UK now shifts its attention to its premium lager, Carlsberg Expørt.

Nobody likes a show-off

Created by Fold7, the campaign sees the brewer trade on the equity of its ‘Probably’ strapline. Underpinned by the slogan ‘Probably the most modest beer in the world’, the ads see Carlsberg UK emphasise the Danes' philosophy on modesty and subtly communicates that consumers say they prefer its premium lager, Carlsberg Expørt, to competitors Stella Artois and Peroni.

Alastair Porter, Carlsberg Expørt Senior Brand Manager, Carlsberg UK, said: “The Carlsberg Expørt brand is modest by tradition but we decided now is the right time to make a bold claim like we did for Carlsberg Danish Pilsner.

“From consumer taste tests we know that most drinkers prefer Carlsberg Expørt (in a December 2019 independently conducted head to head blind taste test of premium lager drinkers). Therefore, the aim of our new campaign is to let premium lager drinkers know that there is great Carlsberg beer for them, and humbly suggest they try it.”

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