Dawn of generation hope: 80% of brits vow to make everyday lifestyle changes to create a greener post-pandemic future for the next generation

Carlsberg partners with WWF and Matt Dawson to help Brits create a better tomorrow for our planet and future generations, through simple everyday actions

Carlsberg today has released new research ahead of Earth Hour to mark the launch of its partnership with WWF, which inspires Brits to take actions that have the power to make a big impact on the environment, such as simply, their choice of beer. This is the next step of Carlsberg’s journey to take positive action towards developing a better future for the planet.

Prior to this new campaign which focuses on inspiring Brits to make small everyday changes for the planet, Carlsberg and WWF worked behind the scenes to create Carlsberg’s Together Towards ZERO programme, which set carbon reduction targets to keep global warming below 1.5°C. The research launched today, examines British attitudes and behaviours towards the planet, both pre and during COVID-19 and found that over two thirds (71%) of Brits feel that the pandemic has created a stronger community spirit through collective action - a giant leap in the right direction for a better tomorrow for our planet.

Two in three Brits (70%) are now more optimistic for the country’s green future than they were a year ago, with 80% vowing to make lifestyle changes to protect the planet, and 86% saying their children and grandchildren are their motivation to make a difference.

The research found that the global pandemic appears to have fundamentally changed the attitudes and behaviours of Brits across the country and a new generation, ‘Generation Hope’, has been born.

In the pursuit of a better tomorrow for our planet, Carlsberg and WWF are now working together to make environmental changes which have a big impact; by helping to restore the small but powerful plant, seagrass along the UK coastline. Known as ‘an underwater Amazon’, seagrass meadows can absorb carbon up to 35 times faster* than a rainforest*. Carlsberg is also playing its role; by removing plastic rings, Carlsberg Snap pack minimises the use of secondary packaging, it also minimises CO2 emissions.

To celebrate the Carlsberg and WWF partnership, Carlsberg has partnered with former England rugby player and father, Matt Dawson to inspire Brits to make small changes that will make a big impact on the planet. Matt Dawson said, “I was recently shown by a friend of mine that there is a WWF app you can use to look at your carbon footprint. I gave it a go and was pretty confident that my results would be good, but they were actually worse than I thought they would be. It’s made me think more about things I could be doing differently in my day to day life, like recycling and avoiding plastic bags and even just choosing products that are better for the environment, like Carlsberg’s Snap Pack which doesn’t use plastic rings. I know that I’m only really going to do a little bit at first, but if we all do a little bit then it becomes a lot, which is why I’m happy to support Carlsberg’s campaign. It’s amazing the work that Carlsberg and WWF are doing to restore seagrass along UK coastlines, which can remove carbon from the atmosphere 35 times faster* than a rainforest! Who knew that by buying Carlsberg, you can help save the planet? Win win!”

It is imperative to take action now, as the UK has lost over 90% of its seagrass meadows, which is detrimental to the environment because seagrass plays a vital role in maintaining healthy seas that are not only home to our amazing ocean wildlife, but also support businesses and communities up and down the country. By restoring these vital habitats that globally provide spawning, nursery and feeding grounds for sea life, we can help support the productivity of 20% of the world’s biggest fisheries.

WWF Executive Director of Advocacy & Campaigns, Kate Norgrove, said, “We are in the midst of a climate and nature crisis, so we’re thrilled to have Carlsberg’s support in championing the actions we can all take to fight for our world. The survey shows that many feel more connected to nature and want to do their bit for our planet. Small actions like recycling and trying not to waste electricity at home have already become second nature to many of us, but there are also lots of perhaps more unexpected lifestyle changes that can have a big impact, from cutting down on meat and dairy to making sure our savings are invested responsibly. Earth Hour this Saturday is a great time to start making a difference for our world.”

Carlsberg is not only helping to restore seagrass meadows across the UK, but it is also making it easy for consumers to protect the planet in powerful everyday ways:

  • On pack donation – 50p from every special edition Carlsberg pack will go to WWF to support the restoration of seagrass
  • Each sale of Carlsberg Snap Pack will continue to remove plastic rings; reducing waste and protecting wildlife
  • A donation per pint of Carlsberg when pubs are back up and running with selected partners
  • Opportunities to win a WWF adoption with the Co-op

UK Director of Marketing at Carlsberg, Emma Sherwood-Smith, commented, “We are proud to be working with WWF to create a better tomorrow for our planet, while helping consumers make a big difference by making one small change – simply by choosing Carlsberg. For every special edition pack sold, we will be donating 50p to WWF. It’s small changes such as these that help us to make big changes for the planet, including restoring the small but powerful wonder plant, seagrass.

In addition to saving seagrass, we are continuing our journey to make our packaging better. We have switched to environmentally friendly inks that make our packs greener, and we launched Snap Pack, an innovative technology which removes harmful plastic rings from our packaging. All these steps we've put in place ensure that by just choosing Carlsberg, your beer can contribute to protecting the planet. As a brand we remain committed to encouraging positive change for our planet wherever possible and look forward to continuing to work with WWF to create a better future for all. Can changing your beer help change our world for us all? Well, Probably.”

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