Carlsberg premieres two new adverts in the UK to highlight the brand’s partnership with WWF to create a better tomorrow

Carlsberg’s year-long partnership with WWF in the UK becomes front and centre for the brand through two new films, ‘The Seal’ and ‘The Turtle’, reflecting the beer brand’s commitment to developing a better tomorrow for our planet.

‘The Seal’ dramatises Carlsberg’s contribution to the planting of seagrass along the UK coastline, helping to reverse a century of damage that has seen 90% of the UK’s seagrass meadows lost. Playing a vital role in maintaining healthy seas that are home to our amazing wildlife, seagrass is also an incredible tool in the fight against climate change, absorbing carbon 35 times faster than a rainforest*.

The ad sees a man and woman enjoying a Carlsberg Snap Pack on a pier, when they spot a seal swimming in the sea nearby. Upon opening the can, they watch the creature dive beneath the surface and witness the eruption of vast meadows of seagrass, as the VO explains how Carlsberg and WWF are working together to restore this underwater amazon.

‘The Seal’ is just part of the brand’s activity in this space, with an on-pack promotion to follow later in the year, which will see Carlsberg donate 50p from the sale of every special edition packs of Carlsberg – as well as a donation per pint when pubs are truly back up and running – to WWF to support the seagrass restoration project.


‘The Seal’ will be supported by a second film, ‘The Turtle’. Here we follow a wise old turtle, whose ocean is polluted with plastic rings. Suddenly, the rings start to vanish, each with a familiar-sounding ‘bleep’ – as the film comes to a close, we cut to a supermarket where we realise that each ‘bleep’ coincides with a Snap Pack of Carlsberg being rung through a till. The VO explains how each Carlsberg Snap Pack removes plastic rings and minimises the use of secondary packaging, and therefore CO2 emissions, ultimately protecting ocean wildlife, like our friend the turtle.

The campaign will run across TV, VOD, online video and social, as well as proximity OOH and the two new film will be going on air from 1st May.

UK Director of Marketing at Carlsberg, Emma Sherwood-Smith, commented, “As a purpose-led brand, Carlsberg has led the sustainability charge in recent years, from introducing our plastic-reducing Snap Pack innovation to developing the world’s first paper beer bottle. Now, in collaboration with WWF, we are bringing the choice to our consumers by inspiring them to do their bit for the planet – simply by choosing our beer.

“Our two new films mark the next chapter of a truly epic campaign, pairing Carlsberg’s signature advertising style of light-hearted humour with WWF’s reputation for inspiring purpose. We’ve created something truly special with this campaign, and I can’t wait to see the reaction as we continue to work with WWF to create a better future for all. Can changing your beer help change our world? Probably.”

The partnership with WWF is the latest in a long series of sustainable initiatives from the Carlsberg brand in the UK, which touch every part of their business, from reducing water consumption in the brewing process to introducing the game-changing Snap Pack as an alternative to plastic rings.

*McLeod E, Chmura GL, Bouillon S, SalmR, Bjork M, Duarte CM, Lovelock CE, Schlesinger WH, Silliman BR.2011 A blueprint for carbon: toward an improved understanding of the role of vegetated coastal habitats in sequestering C02 -front. Ecol. Eniron.9 552-560.(doi:10.1890/110004)

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