Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company sets new sustainability targets with launch of Together Towards ZERO and Beyond

As part of Carlsberg Group’s refreshed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme, Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) will be committed to more ambitious targets, as well as introducing two new focus areas.

Together Towards ZERO and Beyond is a key component of Carlsberg Group’s SAIL ’27 strategy – the overall five-year corporate strategy for our global organisation which sets out our purpose, priorities and culture.  

The updated ESG programme includes a range of enhanced or new ambitions in our existing focus areas and introduces targets and activities within the new focus areas of ZERO Farming Footprint and ZERO Packaging Waste.  

By addressing and managing our impacts within agriculture and packaging, CMBC and Carlsberg Group will accelerate progress towards our new, bold ZERO Carbon Footprint target of net zero carbon emissions across the entire value chain by 2040.  

As a comprehensive ESG programme embedded across our business, Together Towards ZERO and Beyond will enable CMBC to capture opportunities and fulfil our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow. 

To achieve these ambitions, CMBC is leveraging the success of our existing Together Towards ZERO programme, which has seen meaningful progress to achieve ZERO Carbon Footprint, ZERO Water Waste, ZERO Irresponsible Drinking and a ZERO Accidents Culture.  

As detailed in the CMBC Sustainability Report 2021, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, CMBC has already taken positive action by introducing of our innovative Snap Pack to reduce plastic waste, reduced carbon emissions at our Northampton brewery by 21% since 2015, and improved water efficiency across all our breweries.  

Alongside our ZERO focus areas, Carlsberg Group and CMBC are also reinforcing their commitments to key ESG pledges including responsible sourcing, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (EDI), community engagement and human rights.  

Paul Davies, CEO, Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company, said: “The launch of Together Towards ZERO and Beyond is a powerful evolution of our existing Together Towards ZERO programme.   

“Setting new ambitious targets in existing focus areas will build on the progress we have made in recent years. Alongside this, by broadening the scope of our activity to include commitments to achieve ZERO Farming Footprint and ZERO Packaging Waste, we open up new opportunities where we can make a significant impact.  

“These focus areas are important to CMBC as a brewer, and through this exciting program we will make a tangible difference to our environmental footprint and continue to lead the sustainability agenda across our industry. 

Speaking on the new global commitments, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Senior Director Group ESG, Carlsberg Group, said: “With our new targets we support an industry transformation towards more sustainable business practices through, for example, shifts in farming practices, sourcing procedures, and product design, as well as the scaling-up of efficient deposit return schemes. 

“Across all our ESG focus areas, we will continue improving our performance, while increasing disclosure and transparency for all our stakeholders. We will continue to tackle these challenges through a sustained focus on partnerships with suppliers and partners.” 

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