Brewing for a better today and tomorrow: Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company releases 2023 ESG Report

The third ESG Report from Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) has been published today, outlining the company’s progress against its Together Towards ZERO and Beyond sustainability targets in 2023.

The report demonstrates significant achievements in several key areas, including a 10% reduction in absolute brewery carbon emissions, as well as the first full updates on two new focus areas – ZERO Farming Footprint and ZERO Packaging Waste.

CMBC’s carbon reduction efforts to achieve ZERO Carbon Footprint by 2040 across its entire value chain by 2040 have continued to generate tangible results. Today, every pint of beer brewed by CMBC uses 22% less carbon than it did in 2015. As part of the global Carlsberg Group, CMBC's initiatives in the UK have made a significant contribution to Carlsberg Group’s overall carbon reduction targets of 15% by 2022 and 30% by 2030.

Alongside CMBC’s efforts in environmental sustainability, the business has also improved diversity at the organisation – a key focus in 2023 – achieving the 2024 target of 30% women in senior leadership roles a full year early.

Paul Davies, CEO of CMBC said: “During our third full year as CMBC we have reached a number of important milestones in our sustainability journey. As we work Together Towards Zero and Beyond, the dedication of our teams and the partnerships we have formed across the industry play a vital part in delivering the important progress we’ve made up to now. From our breweries to our depots, customer service teams and head office colleagues, we all play our part to make CMBC a better business every day.

“It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to know that pubs and retailers can choose to stock our brands and shoppers can add our drinks to their baskets safe in the knowledge that CMBC is taking positive actions to reduce its impact on the planet and create positive benefits for society.”

Key achievements for CMBC highlighted in the report include:

  • A reduction of 10% in absolute carbon emissions from our breweries and a reduction of 8.7% for relative emissions compared with 2022.
  • Collaborating with 23 partner farmers from across the UK to grow regenerative barley, impacting 1,736 hectares of land area – equivalent to 4,290 football pitches. 
  • Using innovative Snap Pack packaging over 65% of all four- and six-can multipacks produced at the Northampton Brewery, with an aim to fully transition by the end of 2024.
  • The relaunch of Carlsberg 0.0, adding further choice for customers in the Low & No alcohol category.
  • Reducing Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) by 75% across all CMBC sites, compared to 2022
  • Rolling out Health and Safety leadership training to 1,690 people across the business.

To discover more about CMBC’s progress over 2023 and its ambitious targets under Together Towards ZERO and Beyond, read the full ESG report here: