CMBC expands premium craft range with Brooklyn Brewery’s The Stonewall Inn IPA

CMBC is excited to bring a taste of New York to the UK with the introduction of The Stonewall Inn IPA. This exceptional beer, created by craft legends Brooklyn Brewery in partnership with the iconic Stonewall Inn, New York City, is set to captivate UK drinkers with its unique flavour and rich heritage.

The Stonewall Inn IPA stands out as an expertly crafted, slightly hazy IPA that’s perfect for any occasion. With its distinctive blend of bold grapefruit and bright, citrus peel notes, the beer offers a balanced flavour profile that combines subtle hop bitterness with a refreshing, slightly dry finish. At 4.3% ABV, it’s an inviting choice for both IPA aficionados and those new to craft beer, promising a delightful drinking experience that lives up to the beer’s motto: “Fresh. Lively. Proud”. 

Following the soaring success of Brooklyn Pilsner, The Stonewall Inn IPA is CMBC’s latest offering from Brooklyn Brewery. Originating in New York City, the beer was first brewed in 2017 by Brooklyn Brewery’s acclaimed Brewmaster Garrett Oliver at the request of the owners of the world-famous Stonewall Inn, for which it was named and whose legacy it was created to celebrate.  

The beer not only pays homage to the Stonewall Inn’s legacy, but also celebrates the 2017 launch of the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI), a charity supporting LGBTQ+ communities globally. 

In April, CMBC will honour the launch by hosting the Stonewall Inn owners, Stacy Lentz and Kurt Kelly, at an exclusive event in Shoreditch, London. Ahead of the event, Brooklyn Brewery will be running a social media competition to give members of the public the unmissable opportunity to win an invitation to join this one-night-only celebration, with more details to be released in the coming weeks.  

This beer’s UK introduction marks a significant step in CMBC’s mission to further enrich its diverse ale portfolio, which includes well-known brands such as Hobgoblin and Wainwright. 

Jo Marshall, Director of Marketing for Ales & Craft at CMBC, said, “Introducing The Stonewall Inn IPA to the UK is a milestone moment for us. It’s more than just a beer; it’s a story, a legacy, and a testament to the craftmanship that goes into each sip. We’re thrilled to offer this remarkable IPA to UK drinkers and to celebrate the enduring spirit of The Stonewall Inn.” 

On the origins of the collaboration, Kurt Kelly, co-owner of The Stonewall Inn, said, “We approached Brooklyn Brewery back in 2017 with the idea of a unique way to mark the launch of our charity, the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI) – a new, delicious beer that celebrates The Stonewall Inn’s remarkable history and the fantastic work that SIGBI is set up to do. We couldn’t be more pleased with The Stonewall Inn IPA and have been proudly pouring it here at The Stonewall Inn ever since.” 

Stacy Lentz, CEO/Co-founder of The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, said, “Our partnership with Brooklyn Brewery and with Carlsberg Group supports SIGBI’s ongoing efforts to create space for grass roots activism and promote understanding and respect for LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. It’s a proud day for us to see this fantastic beer arrive in the UK and help share the story and legacy of The Stonewall Inn, as well as promote the work we’re doing to this day through SIBGI. 

The UK launch of the beer follows successful launches in European markets including Italy, France and Denmark. The Stonewall Inn IPA will be available year-round in select retailers including Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-Op and Nisa, as well as pubs in can and draught format across the UK from March 2024.