Kirin Ichiban launches on innovative draught solution in the UK

The No.1 beer in Japan will be made available on the pioneering Draughtmaster for the first time, providing an enticing new opportunity for restaurants and the On Trade.

For the first time in the UK, premium Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban will be available on Draughtmaster – an innovative draught beer solution developed by Carlsberg Group.

Draughtmaster offers a range of benefits to the On Trade to make serving beer easier, more efficient and provide better returns. Beer is delivered fresh for six times longer than in steel kegs, providing unrivalled quality for over a month after tapping. The revolutionary use of compressed air means there is no need for an added CO2 cylinder, with beer dispensed through to a built-in air compressor.

Outlets also benefit from Draughtmaster’s semi-automatic cleaning system, with lines only needing cleaning every four weeks – 75% less than for typical steel keg lines. The PET kegs used in the modular Draughtmaster system are compact, stackable and 43% lighter than metal kegs, making them simpler to store and move. When finished, the PET kegs can be disposed of and won’t require collecting.

Together, these innovations add up to less waste, more time, and better returns for On Trade businesses.

Respecting the beer’s heritage and contemporary appeal, Kirin Ichiban uses only the finest malt and hops and is still made using the Japanese first press brewing process, also known as the ichiban shibori method. This process sees only the first press of the grain used to ensure a premium quality and refined, smooth taste. This traditional process has been central to the brand’s success, with Kirin Ichiban now available in more than 90% of authentic Japanese restaurants in the UK.

To coincide with launch of Kirin Ichiban on Draughtmaster, the brand has completely overhauled its On Trade presence and iconography, integrating an iconic symbol of Japanese life – the cherry blossom – into its new design. The overhaul includes a new-look font, T Bar, tap handle and an entire suite of premium Point of Sale (POS) including mobile bars, an essential to the modern On Trade.

As part of the Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) World Beer portfolio, Kirin joins an excellent range of drinks available through Draughtmaster, including San Miguel, Brooklyn, Poretti and Somersby Cider.

Dharmesh Rana, Director of Marketing for World Beer at CMBC, said: “These are exciting times for the Kirin Ichiban brand in the UK. As consumers love for all things Japanese continues to grow, Kirin brings a different side of Japanese culture to them, one that is based on balance, harmony, craftmanship and quality natural ingredients.

“That’s what we have tried to deliver through the brand overhaul and new POS – combine that with the exceptional quality delivered through the Draughtmaster system and you have a winning formula. We can offer customers premium Japanese beer while taking away the stress of changing kegs or CO2 and saving them money at the same time. The system is fantastically compact and doesn’t require a cellar, making it perfect for small, premium food-led venues looking to offer their customers high-quality draught beer.”

Kirin Ichiban will be available in 20L Draughtmaster from Friday 1st July. It is also offered in 30L or 50L steel keg, as well as 24 x 330ml and 12 x 500ml bottle. To learn more about getting started with Draughtmaster, contact the team here.

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