Wainwright climbs higher with release of exciting new Amber Ale

A satisfyingly moreish amber ale with a subtle bitterness and delicately enticing hop balance.

Wainwright, one of the UK’s leading ale brands, is climbing to new heights with the launch of its exciting new beer, Wainwright Amber, expanding their award-winning range.

Brewed with 100% English malt, Wainwright Amber (4.0% ABV) is a fantastically refreshing new beer that looks to expand the Wainwright brand to new audiences and even greater success, combining the brand’s reputation for great ales with the popularity of the Amber Ale style.

Inviting with its attractive amber colour and a scent hinting of spice, Wainwright Amber offers a clean, creamy drinking experience, with a malty and lightly fruity flavour delivering gentle bitterness.

Part of the Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) portfolio, the brand is named in honour of Alfred Wainwright – the famous Lancastrian fell walker, author and illustrator. Keeping true to the adventurous values of their namesake, Wainwright has built a strong reputation for exciting, rewarding premium ales.

The new Wainwright Amber follows the brand’s tremendous success with Wainwright Gold, which has risen to be the UK’s No.1 Golden Cask Ale and earned a World Beer Silver Award in the UK for 2019 and 2021 as well as Bronze at the International Beer Challenge 2021.

Wainwright is driven to make a big impact in the category with Wainwright Amber, supporting the new beer with a refreshed visual identity to draw new drinkers to their new favourite beer. The new look reflects Wainwright’s premium, modern appeal while staying true to the brand’s heritage, and will be visible across the brand’s contemporary new glassware and attractive Point of Sale (POS) décor and equipment available to the On Trade.

Wainwright has succeeded at attracting modern drinkers who value quality and have a taste authenticity,” explains Miranda Osborne, Director of Marketing for Ales at CMBC. “We’re making a big push on Wainwright Amber, which we strongly believe is the right beer to capture the moment and inject excitement and energy back into the category.

Amber Ale is a style that’s accessible and popular with drinkers. With Wainwright Amber, we’re adding our own touch to make an exciting new beer that can take the brand to new heights.

In cask, Amber Ale accounts for 72% of the market. Wainwright has the highest Rate of Sale and delivers the greatest cash margin for outlets. With Wainwright Amber, we’re delivering an easy-drinking, must-have ale that adds value to venues of all kinds, from high-street bars to food-led rural pubs.”

Wainwright will be putting power into the launch, unveiling their new creative platform later this year alongside a planned digital media campaign. The new Wainwright Amber launches in the On Trade on 6th June in 50L keg and 9g cask, with the Off Trade launch to follow early next year.

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